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Episode 50: Introducing the NEW WizeHub

April 13, 2023 Wize Mentoring for Accountants and Bookkeepers Season 1 Episode 50
The Wize Guys
Episode 50: Introducing the NEW WizeHub
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Episode 50: Introducing the NEW WizeHub

WizeHub is a proprietary business intelligence application that allows you to track the heartbeat and results of your firm in real-time. (It’s not just about technology but also aligning people to use it correctly for results!)

In this episode of The Wize Guys Podcast, Jamie Johns and one of the Wize Mentors, Tim Causbrook discuss WizeHub, a cloud-based tool for managing accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Jamie shares the history of how he came up with the concept for the WizeHub, starting with his love for computers and technology from a young age. He talks about how he struggled with dyslexia and the need for the organization to learn effectively.

So, if you want to know the reasons why WizeHub is a powerful tool for scaling and growing your practice, allowing firms to operate without relying on you, as the business owner then this episode is for you!  


0:00 - Intro

0:35 - Jamie Johns’s story from frantic to freedom

2:18 - How WizeHub started

3:21 - What is the WizeHub tool?









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Tim Causbrook: I'd love to dive straight in, Jamie.

Just before we kind of have a bit more of maybe a practical look at some of the features, could you just give us a bit of the context around the WizeHub? What is it? Why did we decide maybe to remake the whole thing? How important is it to you in running your business, your accounting firm? 

Love a bit of an overview there, if you can set the scene. 

Jamie Johns: Yeah, thanks, Tim. 

A bit of background. So it sort of goes way back to before I met Ed when I've always loved computers and technology even as a kid. I think in 1991 I got my first computer. People remember it back in those days. I think the RAM was two megabytes. But yeah, look, essentially as I've started growing Sky Accountants. Everyone knows that you have your cloud stack or all your different programs and everything seemed to be everywhere. Then to give you a bit more context, not that I'm proud of it, but when I was at and I still am, I think to a degree, and it's quite funny. I was actually sort of dyslexic, so everything had to be like, really organized for me. Like, step one, and step two. I just really struggled to learn until I got a grasp on how I had to learn to give you some context. 

So about 10 years ago, I was introduced to SharePoint, which is a massive system in Microsoft and it essentially had what you call an intranet. So I started playing around with the intranet which could be one centralized place to manage the entire firm. You might have to run your own firm, you might have 20 different apps. Everyone knows what that's like. And I toyed with the idea of different menus. I'd been into business coaching with Brad Sugars, who's the founder of ActionCOACH (formerly known as Action International). If anyone's read his books, he talks about the business chassis. He talks about a business goes through four or five stages where the leads come in and from marketing it goes to sales and production and all that type of thing. 

When I met Ed, he had this concept of the 7. Ed will remember. Ed had this concept of the seven divisions of a firm and I was using SharePoint and I thought, ‘Wow, that's pretty cool.’ I could take Ed's knowledge from the seven divisions and apply it to my SharePoint site. And so we did that and then over the years, I kept developing the SharePoint site. We've really probably had three prototypes of this. 

First of all, Tim, when I created, and then secondly the WizeHub version that firms would've seen. It was quite clunky ‘cause everyone knows you had to open about eight sheets and different things to get the Fab Five ~ the five most important importantly performance indicators that influence human behavior in terms of the performance section that you showed earlier. And then I think it was Brenton's idea to say, ‘Well why don't we get a programmer to program this?’ It's funny Brenton said that because about five years ago actually had another industry figure from the accounting industry who was a programmer, and like, he offered to create it and I just said, ‘Nah, don't worry about it. It'll be too hard.’ 

Anyhow, Tim, that's how the WizeHub was born in that process. Then, it's about two years into development now that the WizeHub finally became real. And here we are today. So hopefully that gives everyone a bit of background. 

I've been using Sky Accountants now and testing and debugging it for quite some time. I think the concept with the WizeHub is a different level of thinking. Because if you're gonna work in your business and just focus totally on it, then WizeHub to a degree is irrelevant but really sort of studied this. And what I've found is the WizeHub is really all about that quad activities too. 

So if you understand how Ed always talks about quad one and quad two, the WizeHub is a quad two tool. If you live in quad one, you probably won't use it. But if you want to scale and you want to plan ahead and you want to get some freedom from your firm, as I and Ed taught me, then the WizeHub tool is 100% a quad two tool. I've never said that before but that's really, that's really what it is, Tim. 

It's a quad two tool and you can use the tool to scale and grow using the framework that we teach so that ultimately you can treat your firm as a business that will run without you. It's really key what you said at the start. It's that combination of people and processes and performance and that's really the key. If you can bring all of those together, then 100% you will have a firm that will run without you. It's those three things. That's why I was quite adamant to put that guy and girl on the front. Because it's about we can have all the technology in the world, there are all these conferences on technology that we've all been to. But quite literally they don't actually help unless you get people aligned with using them correctly, but for a result. That's the performance and that's the Fab five. And so in my journey, I couldn't find anything that would give me the Fab Five. 

So hopefully that's a background.

Jamie Johns’s story from frantic to freedom
How WizeHub started
What is the WizeHub tool?